MAGI Core version 1.4.3 released


This release is a temporary fix to the current blockchain issue in MAGI; this is done by taking as a trust node. Following setting in magi.conf is highly recommended. Refer to for news and final fix to the issue.

Source code:
Windows (ZIP):
Mac OS X:
Block chain (#1451225):
Release notes:

  • PoW Block reward: 30% of normal value for temporary and back to normal after the fix is fully done;
  • PoS rewards: 20% more also temporarily and back to normal after the fix is fully done.


- In general:
1) Backup wallet.dat;
2) Delete everything under the Magi or .magi folder except wallet.dat;
3) Download block chain from here and unzip the file;
4) Put all of the contents under the folder m-blockchain into Magi or .magi;
5) Launch the new wallet.

- Windows:
1) Backup wallet.dat;
2) Launch the installer;
3) Choose the option you want to migrate the block-chain; the installer will always move the original Magi folder to something like Magi-BACKUP-*;
4) Follow on-screen prompts to install.

Solo mining: