What is Coin MAGI?

Coin MAGI is a digital payment solution. MAGI is decentralized and running constantly without downtime and the need of interference by intermediary, authorities and censorship. People can make payments using MAGI to anyone in the world freely. In the meantime, anyone can issue MAGI coins through their personal devices, and software-based mining or minting processes. MAGI is implemented utilizing the proof-of-work and proof-of-stake protocols. MAGI puts efforts on removing the competitive nature of mining, and particularly focuses on fairness, cost effective and energy efficiency when issuing coins and maintaining the public ledger and the blockchain system. Read More »

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MAGI, firstly as a cryptocurrency, emphasizes the decentralization nature, which is manifested in part as implementation on its own revisions of the proof-of-work and proof-of-stake protocols. MAGI is an open source software with no reservation of mining rewards for any parties including the team. Decentralization calls on rejection of huge computational power for mining, immediately benefiting energy savings. Decentralization also calls on mining availability to general users. MAGI is currently following the development plan. Read More »

Energy Efficiency

MAGI concentrates on global energy savings when maintaining its blockchain system. MAGI aims at worldwide mining based on, for example, mobile devices. MAGI's PoW with difficulty dependent mining rewards applies a limit to the total network hashrate, where huge amount of computational power for mining is no longer necessary. Read More about Loans»

MAGI's Proof-of-Work

MAGI's proof-of-work (mPoW) protocol advocates in part a network-dependent rewarding system, configured using an attraction-repulsion model. mPoW effectively governs MAGI's network and confines it under a certain scale. MAGI looks forward to the further optimized protocol in order to fully achieve the target missions. Read More »

MAGI's Proof-of-Stake

MAGI's Proof-of-Stake (mPoS) protocol brings novel revisions to the generic POS by making conditional mining force (i.e., coin age). Significant mining force by accumulating either a large amount of coins or offline staking time no longer works for MAGI, leading to both enhanced security, and healthy and fairness. Read More »


MAGI is an open source project. Anyone can work on MAGI's source code. Currently, the MAGI team follows the roadmap and on-going projects for developments. Primary focuses are given to overall improvement to fulfill the goals, mining experience, wallet development, option of anonymity, and blockchain applications. One of the on-going projects is the MagiPay (m-pays) for MAGI to be integrated with business easily.